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Do you really care about diversity? And in such a way that your help and efforts don’t belittle other people, but give everyone room to develop?

Would you also like to approach the topic of diversity and inclusion differently:  effectively and positively?

Do you also know that it is not a one-way street and that a lot of personal responsibility is also necessary?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Reaching, inspiring and engaging the audience is a matter of routine for us. We attach great importance to trust, discretion and clarity of expectations. Furthermore, you can always rely on a partnership in which meaningfulness and responsibility are emphasized.

Our own experiences are not necessarily pretty, but with ease and humor we meet and learn from each other.

It would be nice when you and your team are a part of these magical moments, without any drama.

When we engage with each other. Magic happens! – Are you part of it?

For whom: For companies, institutions and organizations that finally want to live diversity and who have recognized that integration and inclusion is not a one-way street


  1. Key-Note with: Susan Omondi

  2. Interactive part: Depending on the challenges / expectations (alternative: interview with a person / stakeholder of your choice / your company)

  3. Questions & answers, exchange of experiences

Benefits / what do you take away?

  • How to massively strengthen the cohesion in your team and use your corporate culture as a top driver of the company

  • Have your employees engage in dialogue like never before

  • Methods/strategies for you and for your employees to strengthen ownership and enable true integration and inclusion

Bonus: 1x #OmondiLIVE with a maximum of 4 people from your team in one appointment, we determine the topic together – to increase visibility on LinkedIn

Duration: 1 hour
Price a) with sponsor, incl. preparation: €697.00
Price b) without sponsor, incl. preparation, plus expenses/driving time: €997.00

For whom: for all who want to embrace their diversity


  1. Key-Note with: Susan Omondi

  2. Expert Interview (We have access to a large pool of experts)

  3. Interactive session with Questions & Answers

What you will take with you that evening:

  1. Unleash the magic of your diversity and personal responsibility

  2. Discover the power of dialogue over blame, so you don’t limit yourself and others.

  3. Learn how “the power of choice” can take you further

Bonus: 1x #OmondiLIVE for winners (we play with Kahoot or Menti)

Duration: 1 hour

Price per person/family in the same room: €17.00

Price per person offline as per schedule (to follow), incl. apéritif and networking: €57.00

For whom: for all types of organizations


  1. Keynote

  2. Q&A

  3. Interactive exercises

  4. Development of mission statement: What do we stand for, what does diversity & inclusion mean to us?

  5. Solutions for inclusion – depending on the challenges in your company

Benefits / what do you take away?

  • How to massively strengthen the cohesion in your team

  • Get your employees involved in dialogue like never before

  • How to use your company culture as a top driver of the company

  • We give you tips on how to take away fears and (toxic) prejudices by getting your employees involved

  • Methods / strategies for your employees to strengthen their personal responsibility and to enable real integration and inclusion

  • You will learn how to best engage people from diverse backgrounds in the workday so that they make a dent in the universe

  • How diversity can become a real competitive advantage in your company

Duration: 4 hour

Fee: € 2,500.00