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Beyond Diversity Stories

Have you heard about it? Your story can shape the future. And why? You are different, and that means diversity! But you could go beyond diversity. What does that mean? If you accept who you are and embrace change to improve yourself, your programs, products and projects will soon reflect your values and qualities. These changes are just perfect for fair business processes; a highway to life-enriching products, services, programs and projects; with unlimited impact; wherever! Whenever! What lies behind the diversity stories is simply amazing!


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Top topics for Beyond Diversity Stories

Timeless topics, essential for daily growth; for everyone, everywhere.

  1. Unleash the magic of diversity in your community
  2. Own your story
  3. The real impact: Diversity and ethics in technology
  4. Beyond diversity stories: building bridges instead of walls
  5. Belonging

As long as we consider other people as 

always in need of help, we will never recognize

 their skills and expertise.



Dear Susan, I was totally touched by your interview on Andrea's podcast “Lebenswege!” How wonderfully true you stayed to yourself and shaped your path in a positive way.
Johanna in an interview - real story
Filmmaker and coach
Susan is a source of inspiration with depth ✨ As an enthusiastic viewer of her Omondi-Live, I have already been able to take away a lot. Getting to know Susan in person as well, it has confirmed for me - a wonderful listener and networker. Within minutes, an iceberg melts around her. What makes Susan different; she shows her humor - she exemplifies enthusiasm, relaxed and contagious. She manages to get a whole hall dancing 💃🕺. Being a part of your network Susan, empowering, beneficial, wonderful🍀!!!
Patrik Rappo regarding my moderation skills and #Omondi-Live talks:
And suddenly it became quiet - around me! Captivating talk by Susan took my breath away. The words brought up a lot in me and I was very moved.
Michaela Rietz, regarding my keynote "Unleashing the magic of diversity and in us"
Founder.Rhineland - Palatinate, Germany