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Our Vision

We believe that every person in his or her own unique way can change the world. Out of the victim mentality. Into personal responsibility.

We dream of abolishing the categorization into developing and industrialized countries. In this way, we create coexistence on an equal footing.

The result: no toxic dependency. Collaboration instead of categorization; giving each person space to develop.

Because as long as we see other people as “needing help”, we won’t recognize their expertise and abilities.

When we engage with each other without reservations, the world becomes a magical place. This is the world of diversity we want for our children and grandchildren.

Together with Global Riders we want to offer the biggest stage and build the longest bridge to create visionary solutions together.


Our Mission

Unleash the magic of diversity and personal responsibility with ease:

  • We show you how  take responsibility in your life and use the “power of choice”
  • We build a bridge to show different points of view.
  • We bring people into dialogue in order to create visionary solutions together!

In cooperation with institutions, integration/diversity officers and companies, reach and connect people through seminars, workshops, events, keynotes, interviews, live platforms.

We value

  1. Trust
  2. Discretion
  3. Clear expectations
  4. Partnership and cooperation
  5. Meaningfulness
  6. Responsibility
  7. Inspiring atmosphere

Previous Event

Susan Omondi & Janis McDavid: #Diversity and the magic of personal responsibility

Live-Streaming from Basel


Expert Interview:

Susan Omondi

Janis McDavid

His guide to personal responsibility and quick-wit.
Q&A session and exchange of experiences with the audience

What you’ll take away from this evening:

– Unleash the magic of your diversity and personal responsibility.

– Discover the power of dialogue instead of blame, so you don’t limit yourself and others.

– Learn how “the power of choice” can take you further

When:                  29.11.2020   

Time:                      19:00 


We give you impulse and inspire you. Our own experiences are not necessarily nice, but we meet with ease and humor and learn from them.

It’s nice when you are part of these magical moments. Without any #drama.

We engage with each other. Then #magic happens! 

Voices from our community

"Rennfahrer des Lebens trifft alte Schwedin mit schwarzem #Humor" Diversity is the better world!"

Udo Böhr

"Der Raum ist riesig und das #Hygienekonzept perfekt, also wer kommt noch?"

Kristina Mestric

"2 people who could not be more different: you would think. Both incredible, inspiring and just simply, human! Meet Susan and Janis and watch #magic happen!"

Mary A. Olwal

"Lasst euch inspirieren - du wirst einen anderen Blickwinkel für so manche Situationen in deinem Leben bekommen. Ein #Perspektivenwechsel kann Wunder bewirken"

Alexandra Lang

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