Why us?

The beyond diversity stories is a concept grounded in the indefinite impact of individual stories. The founder Susan Omondi was brave to look beyond her circumstances. She saw a gem that needed to shine; a new perspective that changed her world. We hence believe in the riches in life skills from different races, status, gender, abilities, and  personalities. They are ideal for inspiring products, services, projects and programs, stamped with lifelong legacies. We explore the ideas beyond diversity.

We found a gem

I stand by my story and you?

My story

Just like you, I did not choose the circumstances of my childhood. Luckily, I experienced what it means not to have food for several days, to grow up without my father for several years and not to go to school for almost 3 years. In Germany, I learned what it means to be rejected because of my origin.

All this made me strong. Away from “poor me” to “hey, lucky me”.

I realized this only when I started to tell my truth. I learned that until I realize that my mindset and beliefs are limiting me, I will not change my situation.

The principles of the book “7 Ways to Effectiveness” strengthened me. Among other things, this quote of the author Stephen R. Covery accompanies me upto now “If you start to think the problem is out there, stop yourself. That thought is the problem”.

I learned to stand by my stories and to learn my roots. As a result, I easily inspire others and many opportunities opened up. This is why I love to share my stage with you. A stage where we experience the true power of stories.

My 7 direct benefits of telling my story

  1. My influence grows as a result of self-responsibility. Therefore, there is no room for blame games. I shape my life in a positive way.
  2. I speak my truth, about my mistakes and lessons, which in turn means freedom and possibilities.
  3. I acknowledge toxic thinking in myself and I am grateful when someone tells me “look at it this way.”
  4. My empathy and understanding of other people’s views and opinions grow.
  5. Real stories inspire others in a magical way. I am not afraid of losing anything in the process, instead, I gain more.
  6. Change of perspective – because others also confide in me.
  7. I learn to love myself daily and thus shape my success (from the inside out).

Our team

Susan Omondi

Speaker I Trainer I Thought Leader I Auditor. Topics: Projects & Processes, IT & QM, Ethics & Diversity in Technology I Live Host I coding 4 future

I inspire people on stage. I inspire people for responsible solutions. I drive change easily. Uncomplicated, profitable,  and with ease.

Educational Consulting | Video Production | Visual Design | Training | Cooperate Training | Visual Assistance | Executive Coaching
I design webinars for companies and trainers. I help you engage your audience and transfer knowledge effectively. 

Ruth Omondi

Print Journalist | Founder: janexplore.com | Writer | Editor and proofreader

I believe in power in words. Small or big; simple or complicated, words simply create life. There is no better world than that where people can communicate. Hence my passion is in creating, writing and editing content. 

Okumu Collince

Broadcast Journalist | Founder: Nivaplasmedia.com; ikogari.com | Part time lecturer

Broadcast journalism is my thing, though it doesn’t hurt to be diverse. I enjoy building online spaces i.e. websites and also have a strong passion for online advertising, digital marketing and e-commerce.

What we stand for

Forming a world where our messages, projects, products and services promote cohesion and have a responsible impact on diversity. This is the magical world of diversity we want for our children and grandchildren!

We offer the biggest stage for personal and company stories.

Our values

Trust, discretion, clarifying expectations, working in partnership, meaningfulness, responsibility and an inspiring atmosphere.


We inspire people and companies to reflect their values in their processes, projects, products and solutions.

We elevate human experience beyond diversity stories.

We unleash the magic of stories, diversity and self-responsibility with ease.

We bring people into dialogue to create visionary solutions together

We honor lighthouse projects and show you new perspectives and solutions for your challenges and projects.