You are home now! OmondiLIVE ignites fire within you and you just want to grow.

We are glad you are part of the experience. Together we build a future where values in diversity create long-lasting changes in an individual’s life or in the business world.

Our guests are bold and their stories mold the future of diversity. 

Your Story. Your Stage.

How you tell it


Our topics are excellent for growing personal and managerial skills.

We Listen. Learn. Share and impact.


As our guest you share your story based on 3 key questions.

Who/What/Where to?

5 days to the interview, we agree on the key areas in today’s business practice that match your story.

Time and tact

30 Minutes for one guest and 45
minutes for two or more guests.

We enjoy the moments and at the same time value the presence of our guest through respect and discretion.

Technical details & procedure

Announcing the show: A broadcast will be created directly from stream yard. You will be tagged. Please share the post with your community (on LinkedIn, Facebook or you tube) or invite others to the event on the LinkedIn post.

Link to streamyard: You will get the link immediately the announcement is out. This link is only for you. It works best with google chrome.

15 mins before the show time, we meet at the backstage to for warm up, technical check etc.

Go-Live as planned

We meet again at the backstage for 2 mins

After the live stream

Thank you so much for being part of us and for sharing your knowledge.

Let us know if you need the MP4 file for further use. Feel free to embed our youtube stream record into your website.

If you love what we do and you feel like, you may buy us coffee: buymeacoffee.com/susanomondi

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