#OmondiLIVE:Your Story, Your Stage

You are home now! OmondiLIVE ignites fire within you and you just want to grow.

We are glad you are part of the experience. Together we build a future where values in diversity create long-lasting changes in an individual’s life or in the business world.

It’s great that you stand by your story as an expert and you are willing to share your knowledge with us. Together we inspire our fans.

Your Story. Your Stage.

We look forward to seeing you


Our topics are excellent for growing personal and managerial skills.

We Listen. Learn. Share and Impact.

Together we choose a topic that you are enthusiastic about and at the same time provides our fans with added value.


How you tell your story

Either as an interview or keynote. Every interview and every keynote is individual. We agree beforehand on 3 orientation points that also fit the general theme.

Time and tact

20 minutes for a keynote or 25 for an interview.

We inspire our audience from the first second to the end. We perform non-stop.

We also leave room for engagement with our fans.

Technical details & procedure

Announcement of the show: Please share this YouTube link with your community on LinkedIn, Facebook or other channels.

Link to Stream Yard: You will receive the link once the announcement is made. This is only for you as a guest speaker.

30 minutes before the start of the show we meet at the backstage area for warm-up and technical check.

Go live as planned.

After the live stream

Thank you for joining us and sharing your knowledge with us.

Let us know if you need the MP4 file for further use.

If you like what we do and you wish to, you can buy us coffee: buymeacoffee.com/susanomondi

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