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Workshops and process support

Our workshops are based on our strong belief in individual strengths, values and significance of individual differences, which provide an effective team for every occasion. The acknowledgment of this is the first step for every successful change and growth. Going beyond diversity, that is beyond every factor that would create a barrier, be it racial, gender, background, means everyone can be a bridge builder; first to participant’s own heart and second to their team members or people around them.

Our workshops, without losing focus on the workshop goals, will always provoke the participant to go for this fundamental principle of success – for a tremendous outcome and long lasting impact for you, your team and projects/products. Once self-assured, you  leave our workshops self-driven, motivated, enthusiastic and fueled for more growth.

Examples of our workshops: 

  • Creating a process oriented diversity strategy that involves your employees to deliver the best outcome.
  • Setting the pace and designing common goals for your project kick-offs with international teams that will enable you to embrace diversity throughout and beyond the project milestones.

By first understanding your company goals and the goals of the workshop as well as the needs of participants, we then design a workshop that motivates participants to deliver their best.

You are welcome to book this with process support so that the valuable findings from the workshops are incorporated into your day-to-day processes. This allows you to consciously use diversity for your company’s success. Employees also feel valued when their contributions are followed up and results celebrated.


Build bridges – build a focused team
Impact indefinitely


Our Beyond diversity trainings are applicable to every institution, or organization, for profit or non-profit organizations. From the employee or employer to their products, or leaders to their target audience or students to their immediate community, the common goal  is the acknowledgement that every individual is valuable, can change, grow and impact indefinitely. Our trainer Susan is appreciated as a jewel by her trainees. They are inspired by her energy, in-depth knowledge, passion and her way of interacting with participants in every session. This is the impact of going Beyond Diversity that will be evident when you train with us for a better interpersonal relationship, for becoming a fairer decision maker, or for directing your energy to things that matter and much more.

Our trainings cover but are not limited to:

  • Owning your story:  
  • Clarifying your expectations
  • Beyond Diversity – how you succeed by considering the 3 Ps of diversity levels (personal, process, product) 
  • Diversity and Ethics in Technology

Motivational speaking

Everybody needs an eye opener, a moment of clarity – to see their worth. BDS goes a step further than that and sells the idea of going beyond what is already a norm or a routine. We explore further the gems that are hidden in every individual. We hence break barriers of self-limiting beliefs, limited impacts of products, blame games etc. and unfold the beauty beyond self discovery that proves that everyone cannot only excel but can also become a positive influence to others.

Our speaker has a positive approach to issues, no matter how challenging situations are.  For your conferences, seminars or team building events, we cover that bit of an awakening experience and you would just ask yourself, “Wow, I had all this in me?”

Everybody needs motivation
Let’s create magical moments


We BDS moderate events to connect people and create magical moments in every opportunity provided. There is nothing as powerful as a speaker and the audience possessing one mutual objective. This automatically leads to a conducive environment for communication and an easy interaction. You want to test the success of an event? Look at the impression of the audience and their expression of their satisfaction and sense of belonging.

With our “Your story. Your stage” concept, every guest shines and connects beautifully to the audience, adding value to your events and beyond.


Our first book, Me, You, We and Diversity (47 ways locals and non-locals meet) is based on real stories that reflect the chances we have and are maybe losing for magical encounters that build our families, workplaces and the society. This BDS book is meant to point one to simple everyday issues that are vital and are in need of immense attention, appreciation, addressing or celebrating. These factors are fundamental in molding this very person who is yearning for success. With these wonderful 47 ways locals and non-locals meet, we practice humanity and build bridges, instead of walls. 

Our second book is on self-responsibility – written by Susan Omondi and Alexandra Lang, published together with Business Village. This supplements our diversity book as everything starts with you; with your self-responsibility.

Our third book might not be linked to diversity directly but adds value to companies through showing them how to create audit strategies and connect audits to their company strategies. It also shows how diverse our author is – bringing all these expertise together, for your success. The book “Audits mit Gewinn” was written by Susan Omondi and Christian Braun, published together with Carl Hanser Verlag.

Taste our expertise in these practical books

Author reading

Susan Omondi is at your disposal.

Her readings are interactive, lively, profound and humorous at the same time.

People appreciate her strength and presence – “You have to experience Susan” they say.

How do we go about it? A mixture of reading selected passages from the book, free narration and responding to questions from the audience

We are also happy to develop the program with you. We will definitely reach your audience.

Talk to us.

Your Beyond Diversity team.

Email: ruth@susan-omondi.de

3 levels of human experience you will enhance with us

Personal level

We train you to appreciate your true story to enable limitless growth of personal skills. Diversity stories on change and growth offer first-hand life lessons which will never be learned anywhere else. You are enabled by the power of choice to initiate change from within and remain proactive.

  • Novel ideas
  • Diversity stories
  • Personal growth
  • Effective insights

Process level

You become aware that the tools you apply and your process also have impact on diversity and on the people you work with. You go beyond being unprejudiced in your position as a leader, manager or an employee. You start creating impact around you by simply choosing your tools and managing your processes wisely.

  • Ethics as a design tool
  • Fair processes along the value chain
  • Fair decision-making processes
  • Healthier interpersonal relationships

Product level

Now you are ready to impact limitlessly. You learn to be sensitive about the programs, services, products, projects that you create. They are not just meant for immediate profit but long-term and impactful solutions that would draw your prospective clients/consumers to you, hence success.

  • Expansion of  the reach of: products, services, projects, and programs
  • Extension from non-users to users
  • Elevation of your business’ impact in the market/communities

Our guest experts so far - Your story. Your stage

Susan Omondi
Speaker I Trainer I Thought Leader I Auditor
Raffaele Sciortiono
Executive Director at Webinaria GmbH
Christian Trutz
Political Photojournalism
Alexandra Lang
Real Estate Agent
Grace Mwari Muriithi
Off-road Adventure East Africa
Brennt Amstrong
Brent Armstrong, Founder & CEO of A Strong Marketing
Michaela Rietz
Coach - Erforlgsmethode
Tecla Kinyanjui
Registered Nurse
Janis McDavid
Speaker und Author
Angelika Kindt
Management Consultant
Brian Omondi
Customer Service Specialist
Godfrey Odongo
Senior Program Officer, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund

The most booked program for your event

  • Keynote with Susan

  • Interview with your team

  • Interactive programm involving everyone

Meet your moderator and speaker

Susan Omondi is your trainer and speaker on diversity, projects and ethics in technology.