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We explore the “richness” of diversity

Are you an individual, a company, an institution or an organization that finally wants to reap the benefits of diversity and has realized that integration and inclusion are not a one-way street?

We reach, move and inspire your audience.

What you get

Listen. Learn. Share. Impact.

We approach diversity and inclusion differently: more effectively and positively. In the end, your growth is immeasurable. It is evident in both yours and your employees’ personal skills; hence profit.

Speaking Engagements

If you believe in self-responsibility and meaningfulness, then you know that these two ingredients should not be missing in a productive company. We work together with you in form of speaking engagements to your audience on topics critical to your success.

Personal growth training

The richness of diversity should not be underestimated. The more we interact with different people with different stories, the more we open our worlds to others. Each participant and listener can never be the same again. Every time we meet here, magic happens.

Interviews with experts

Every conversation with an expert is a unique chance to see the world from a broader perspective. We listen, learn, share and influence indefinitely.

Diverse interactions

As we explore the diverse world, we develop themes that are important for change in every respect. This forms a basis for important decision-making, strategic planning, the shaping of ethical values, etc., for the benefit of the society as a whole.

Our experts so far

Grace Mwari Muriithi
Off-road Adventure East Africa
Janis McDavid
Speaker und Author
Raffaele Sciortiono
Executive Director at Webinaria GmbH
Christian Trutz
Political Photojournalism
Susan Omondi
Speaker I Trainer I Thought Leader I Auditor
Brennt Amstrong
Brent Armstrong, Founder & CEO of A Strong Marketing
Michaela Rietz
Coach - Erforlgsmethode

Our Sample Program

  • Keynotes with Susan

  • Interview

  • Questions & Answers

  • Interactive Exercise

Meet your moderator and speaker

Susan Omondi is your all-round trainer and speaker on diversity, projects and ethics in technology.