We learn and train from diversity stories

Our Beyond-Diversity-Stories services
  1. Development of novel ideas

  2. Trainings & tools for fair processes and fair decisions

  3. Creation of impactful solutions

3 levels of experience

Novel Ideas

  • Diverse stories
  • Diverse Skills
  • Effective insights

Fair Processes

  • Ethics as a design tool
  • Fair processes along the value chain
  • Fair decision-making processes

Impactful Solutions

  • Expansion of  the reach of: products, services, projects, and programs
  • Extension from non-users to users
  • Elevation of your business’ impact in the market/communities
What you get

We approach diversity and inclusion differently: more effectively and positively. 

Development of Novel Ideas

The diversity in different cultures with different backgrounds is the real life changer.  We provide a platform for sharing diversity stories on life skills and highlight lessons relevant for your business growth. Diverse stories bring about diverse experiences, hence diverse skills.

Training on Application Tools – Trainings & Tools

 Fair recruitment process; Fair along the value chain and Fair decision making processes are  management tools detrimental for both high performance and impactful products. To achieve this,  we provide you with tools that have been practically tested and are realistic in every setting. They are extracted from diverse skills from entrepreneurs like you and me.

Creation of Impactful Solutions

The strength of a product’s/service’s reach is ideally measured by its responsible impact in the market/community. In return, igniting an increase in sales volume. While creating solutions, we look at the following questions: 1) Who has not been reached? 2) What is the impact of my product even after I’m gone? 3) Does my product encourage a responsible society?

Our experts so far

Grace Mwari Muriithi
Off-road Adventure East Africa
Janis McDavid
Speaker und Author
Raffaele Sciortiono
Executive Director at Webinaria GmbH
Christian Trutz
Political Photojournalism
Alexandra Lang
Real Estate Agent
Susan Omondi
Speaker I Trainer I Thought Leader I Auditor
Brennt Amstrong
Brent Armstrong, Founder & CEO of A Strong Marketing
Michaela Rietz
Coach - Erforlgsmethode
Angelika Kindt
Management Consultant

Our Sample Program

  • Keynotes with Susan

  • Interview with one person from your team

  • Interactive Exercises

Meet your moderator and speaker

Susan Omondi is your  trainer and speaker on diversity, projects and ethics in technology.