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Whether you are an individual or a peer group, our courses enable you to exercise the power of choice for self-improvement? 


Every day we have a chance to be better in what we do. Here, diversity plays a big role in providing you with unique tools to achieve exactly that.

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Owning my story

For who?

Students and young professionals who wish to excel beyond academics

No one can and should ever write your story for you. Therefore, owning your story is the key to understanding who you are and what you wish to become. You thus have the power of choice to: analyze your present; search your past and shape your future.

A self-improvement program with impact:

Owning my story is a course meant to guide you into understanding who you are and accepting what your strengths and weaknesses are; with an aim of improving yourself. You are also sensitized on how what you are affects those around you and your future profession.

Ready for the magic?

A combination of the two dimensions prepares you to focus on what you can control and, on your strengths, leaving behind a positive impact that goes far and beyond.

After this course you be able to:
  1. Be aware of yourself and your strength
  2. Increase your performance 
  3. Be self-responsible
  4. Develop and use critical thinking skills
  5. Shape your future as you want it to be (write your own story)

Trainer: Susan Omondi

Date:  22/10/23

Duration: 4 hrs

Place: Virtual

Cost: € 120