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“Do you have a plan”

“Yeah, we’re going to get Lucy out of this and kill everyone else.”

Do you ever feel like movies and media are one-sided?

First of all, I love movies. So does my family.

Most of the movies we watch are from the U.S., of course . Depending on the genre – deep and with learnings. But sometimes action, action, action without real dialogues.

You know from “Die Hard 4.0”?

“Do you have a plan?”
“Yeah, we’re going to get Lucy out of this and kill everyone else.”

But sometimes the tendencies make me think. For example, we’ve noticed, in most movies, the roles are “neatly” distributed:

Germans are always evil or taking care of the sausage.
The Italians are mafiosos; closely followed by the Russians.
The French only think about food and can cook well.
Black people die first
There is the USA and the rest of the world;
No, the world consists only of the USA.
Natives are dumb, naked and/or warriors.
Shoot first, ask questions later
Most bad people have black cars.
Women scare first and scream immensely (okay, here it is true with me, in my family I am the most jumpy:-)
Asians can all fight super.
In Switzerland, you can only go to the mountains or open a numbered account.

Fortunately, we also like to go out, look for dialogues and address these stereotypes.

Otherwise we would scream like a woman in Germany once did when my colleague rang her doorbell for a job in 1997 (he had an appointment): “Oh my God. There’s a black man at my door” – what a fright.

I love movies. Superbly made in parts, they make me think or are educational. But movies and media, for the most part, only tell one side of the stories. We are still allowed to question the content.

Fortunately, filmmakers are becoming more aware, are super addressing ethical principles, and are increasingly representing the minority (without dying too soon).

Now to you? From your point of view, what stereotypes are served in films?

Susan Omondi

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